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Recycle computers

Computers recycling - recycle computers, laptop, desktops etc. with NamiGreen


Computer recycling Below you find some of the e-waste categories that NamiGreen recycles in our Computer-recycling programme:

  • Computers
    Recycle any computers with NamiGreen. They can be old or new.
  • Desktops
    Desktops of all makes and models can be recycled. It does not matter how old they are.
  • Laptops
    Your old laptop can be recycled. NamiGreen also recycle laptop chargers, broken laptops, peripherals such as USB-sticks, mouse, keyboards and more
  • Laptop batteries
    Laptop batteries typically contain harmful materials such as lithium and plastics and must be recycled.
  • Tablets, iPads, Netbooks, E-readers
    Tablets, iPads, Netbooks and similar devices can be recycled at NamiGreen.

The average user life of a computer or laptop may be slightly longer than your mobile phone, but it is still important to ensure the electronics are recycled in the correct ways. Reusing these devices by handing them down to a friend or family member is also a good way to cut down on waste.

Why it is a good idea to recycle your old computer

Electronics consist of a small percentage of landfill waste, but they can cause damage once ending up there. The hazardous waste, like heavy metals and carcinogens from your old computers can filter out into the landfill, atmosphere, and water supply. This can do an extreme amount of harm to the environment in the long run. Recycling your old computers can go a long way to preventing this.

How to recycle your old computer

You can recycle your old computers easily by using NamiGreen. What’s more, you can do so from the comfort of your own home, ensuring that you are doing your bit to cut down on toxic waste.

Where to recycle your old computer

NamiGreen is an e-waste company dedicated to keeping the environment of Namibia, Africa as green and healthy as possible. We do so by using drop-off points and e-waste collection bookings in order to collect your old computers and ensure they are recycled and reused in the best possible ways.

When to recycle your old computer

You can recycle your computer whenever you want, as long as you have no further use for it. The important thing is to prevent it fromending up in a landfill site.

If your company/organization wish to recycle your e-waste, book us for picking up your e-waste.

If you wish to work with NamiGreen or have electronic waste for recycling, please contact us.

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