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Solar panels recycling

Solar panels recycling in Namibia


Solar panel recycling At NamiGreen, we recycle solar panels from both companies and individuals. Your solar panels are professionally and safely recycled with NamiGreen.

Call us today to talk about your needs for recycling solar panels.

  • Solar panels recycling certification
    Once you recycle your solar panels with NamiGreen, we offer full reporting and certification on the solar panels
  • Carbon dioxide / CO2 impact on your recycling efforts
    For every solar panel recycled, CO2 reduction is measured. We include such CO2-measurements in NamiGreen Recycling certificates and reporting options
  • Quotation for solar panel recycling
    Please contact us if you have solar panels that need recycling

Solar panels are an important source of renewable energy, but they have a limited lifespan of about 25-30 years depending on the solar panel model. As the number of solar panels being sold and installed increases in Namibia and Africa in general, it is important to have a plan in place as to what happens when solar panels no longer work or are not performing optimally. End-of-life solar panels are professionally recycled with NamiGreen. Please contact NamiGreen for a quotation.

By recycling your equipment with NamiGreen, you are guaranteed that professional recycling and disposal in accordance with local and international laws.

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